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Classtek Pvt. Ltd.

Classtek Pvt. Ltd.

CLASSTEK Pty. Ltd. is a Sydney based company that offers full electronic turnkey solutions. They approached us back in 2015 to develop flight navigation boxes. After the initial agreement, their quality inspection team flew to India to evaluate our manufacturing unit and understand our plant's production capacity, product quality, etc. Once their inspection was complete and they were completely satisfied with our capabilities, the product drawings were shared with us for further processing.


Challenges :

This was our second export order and so, we were more confident and prepared for the unique set of challenges this order introduced us to. 

  • The initial challenges included qualifying the quality inspection by Classtek's team, which we did with flying colours.
  • We had to ensure compliance with the international quality standards and related guidelines.
  • The order was covered in multiple components, some of which were quite critical with a very complex design.
  • Sourcing the required high-grade material was a challenge but we managed to overcome all challenges and developed all the sample components within 2 weeks’ time frame.


Achievements : 

While completing the orders for Classtek Pvt. Ltd. we achieved a major milestone: the entire order was delivered in just three months whereas the delivery timeline was 8 months. Additionally, 100% supply was accepted by the client with minimal rejection.

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